Purity of Soul, Truth of Heart, Clarity of Mind
Purity of Soul, Truth of Heart, Clarity of Mind

Sigma Xi Theta Fraternity, Inc...

...was formed to foster wisdom through unity between the members of the fraternity and the LGBT community. The fraternity has dedicated itself to furthering the leadership of its members and creating a bond that cannot be broken. We believe in promoting equality and respect within our fraternal family so that we can stand as reflections of these attributes in our communities.


Sigma Xi Theta hopes to grow our family and be an inclusive organization that will foster fraternal unity. Through the innovative use of technology and knowledge-sharing, we will grow charismatic leaders that encourage advocacy for the LGBT community. We will prepare our members to implement the fraternal initiatives while staying true to our purpose in our souls, hearts and minds.

Purpose & Objectives

We, the members of this organization, have bonded together in order to share our wisdom through unity....

The Journey

Sigma Xi Theta found a need to focus on a generation of dominant lesbians with the potential to be strong leaders...

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